About Us

The Money Studies management team has been handpicked to create a dynamic educational environment committed to providing the student with the best financial training available. The principal occupations and backgrounds of the management team are as follows:

Lois Vitt

LOIS A. VITT, PH.D — President and CEO (Retired)

From 1991 to the present, Dr. Vitt has also served as Director of the Institute for Socio-Financial Studies, an organization engaged in research and education development concerning finance and society in general and people's daily lives in particular. Dr. Vitt has taught financial sociology and financial gerontology as an adjunct faculty member of American University, Washington, DC. She is an Editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopedia of Financial Gerontology. She was formerly a business consultant to major investment banking firms and other corporations; she pioneered the development of financing instruments for the capital markets and for home purchases; and she was founder and CEO of financial companies whose objective was to make homeownership more accessible. Dr. Vitt received an MBA in management from Pace University, New York, and an MA and Ph.D in sociology from American University.

Neal E. Cutler

NEAL E. CUTLER, PH.D. — Director (Retired)

Dr. Cutler is Research Director of the National Council on the Aging and holds the Joseph E. Boettner/Davis W. Gregg Chair in Financial Gerontology at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania. He is a nationally-known consultant on the impact of population aging and individual aging on the financial well-being of individuals and families, and his work is focused on establishing stronger linkages among gerontological and financial services professionals. In the past, Dr. Cutler was a Professor of Gerontology and Political Science at the University of Southern California Andrus Gerontology Center.